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Interior Sound Proofing Kit Porsche 911 ‘65-89

Preis pro Einheit € 180,00 (exkl. MwSt.)

Complete interior sound deadening kit (8 pieces) to cover the rear bulkhead for all Porsche 911 models from 1965 through 1989. Pre-cut to original factory specifications. Manufactured from high performance self-adhesive bitumated plates for maximum reduction of rolling noise and vibration.

Due to age most original sound deadening has hardened, cracked and flacked off. Sound deadening in this state is a dangerous water trap. They can hide rust and will no longer provide adequate sound insulation. To protect against rust and ensure a silent comfortable ride we recommend you replace your old sound deadening before installing your new interior.

Our acoustic insulation kit is among the best available for performance, originality and fit. The kit is manufactured from high performance self-adhesive bitumated plates of 4mm thickness. The plates contain odor free additives and fillers to maximize reduction of rolling noise and vibration. Pieces in the kit are pre-cut to Stüttgart factory specifications.

Installation is easy. Ideal working temperature is 20-25°C. Make sure surfaces are clean and free from grease. Press sound deadening plates with the adhesive side on the surface after having removed cover material (paper or film). Warm up with a heat gun to shape the material in the form of your underbody.  Press on with a roller to avoid air inclusions. 

The kit contains all 8 pieces for the rear bulkhead. The sound proofing for the floorpan (4 pieces) can be added as an option.

Interior Sound Proofing Kit Porsche 911 ‘65-89