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Manual Driver Floorboard Porsche 911 ’74-‘89

Preis pro Einheit € 95,00 (exkl. MwSt.)

Pedal section backing board for all Porsche 911 models from 1974–1989 with manual transmission. This a beautiful OEM specification board in laminated birchwood, available for Targa and Coupe models. Identical to Porsche part nr. 91155106344/ 911.551.063.44 (targa/cabriolet) and 91155106303/ 911.551.063.03 (coupe).

Our pedal floor board is made from form-pressed laminated birchwood just like the original. The boards are glued in multiple layers after which they are pressure molded and bent into the exact angle. All openings and edges are CNC finished to guarantee a factory authentic fit and finish.

To install, simply transfer the accelerator and clutch stop from your old board.

Available for LHD cars only.


Manual Driver Floorboard Porsche 911 ’74-‘89