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Rear Speakers (Pair) Porsche 911 ’77-’89

Preis pro Einheit € 170,00 (exkl. MwSt.)

Pair of rear speakers (2) with speaker covers (2) for all Porsche 911 models, 1977 –1989. These are beautifully engineered high performance speakers, remanufactured to original Blaupunkt measurements and appearance. Delivered with correct plastic covers.

Whereas the measurements and appearance of this speaker are identical to the original Blaupunkt speaker, the electromechanical components have been upgraded to provide better sound reproduction quality. The speakers have a high quality diaphragm, modern coil and driver magnets to deliver maximum power of 40W (with 4 Ohm impedance) and broadband frequency (60 – 18000 Hz).

We guarantee a factory authentic fit. Installation requires no specific tools. Delivered with installation clips and screws.

Indicated price is for 2 speakers with 2 speaker covers .

Rear Speakers (Pair) Porsche 911 ’77-’89