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Leather Dashboard Retrim Kit Porsche 911 ’77-‘93

Preis pro Einheit € 280,00 (exkl. MwSt.)

Leather to retrim the dashboard for Porsche 911 and 964 models 1977–1993 originally equipped with full leather option. Available in black Porsche nappa leather only.

This is a beautifully form-stitched dashcover, skived in high-stretch areas and finished with top-stitching along the recess line as original.

To retrim your orginal leather dashboard you need to start from a healthy straight dashboard. Warped, cracked or otherwise damaged dashboards cannot be 'saved' with this leather dashcover.

Recommended only for people with experience in leather trimming.

Available for LHD and RHD cars.

Leather Dashboard Retrim Kit Porsche 911 ’77-‘93