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Cabriolet Boot Cover Porsche 911 and 964 '85-'93

Price € 560,00 (excl. tax)

Complete, new and original cabriolet boot cover for your Porsche 911 cabriolet from 1985 through 1993. This is a gorgeous, OEM specification Porsche part avalable in dark blue or black, complete with the original bag.

Our cabriolet boot cover is probably the best you can buy for completeness, originality and fit. It is identical to the Porsche product in every respect. We use the original German materials; top grade "Sonnenland Classic" canvas and colour coded edge-binding canvas both from the original supplier, high resistance yarns and all necessary precision fasteners and fittings. Even the heavy gauge vinyl and "Velcro" used for the manufacturing the bag exactly match StĆ¼ttgart factory specifications. All materials are precision cut, pressure glued, form-stitched and edge bound to guarantee a factory authentic fit.

If you currently drive your Porsche without a boot cover, be aware that you may be damaging your convertible top. These cars were factory delivered with the boot cover to ensure the webbing structure inside the convertible top is protected under high speed, top-down driving. Furthermore, nothing beats the boot cover to accentuate the sex appeal of your curvaceous cabriolet.

Cabriolet Boot Cover Porsche 911 and 964 '85-'93


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