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Racing Seat Belts / Harnass (Pair) Porsche 911 ’65-’93

Price € 160,00 (excl. tax)

Pair of 3-point racing seat belts / racing harnass for Porsche 911 models from 1965 through 1993. Ideal for road-rallying or track day purposes. Compliant with European ECE R16 vehicle safety regulations (E8 homologation). Available in Red and Black.

This racing harnass is ideally suited to upgrade from standard seat belts for road-rallying or track day purposes. The harnass is easy to install and provides a snug ‘strap-down’ racing fit for enhanced safety over standard seat belts. Can be used in combination with standard or racing seats.

For installation this harnass uses the 2 existing anchor points of standard belts on each side of the seat and a third anchor point behind the seat that can be either attached to the roll cage or any available rear seat anchor point. As such it requires no or minimal modification to your car.

Do not save on safety. Seat belts that show signs of wear and tear should be replaced. Tests have shown that seats belts with an average life of 20 years and 200’000km (without accident) are up to 70% weaker than a new seat belt. After an accident seat belts should be always replaced. The impact in an accident reduces the effectiveness of the belt because it permanently elongates the webbing and looses its ability to absorb energy. Seat belts are safety products that are non-serviceable. No attempt should be made to disassemble or repair them.

Seat belts are delivered with fitting instructions and a comprehensive installation kit (bolts, nuts, washers brackets, etc…) to cover different configurations. Thread of the anchorage bolts is the standard 7/16’’ UNF used in the automotive industry since the 60s.

Please verify available achor points and suitability for your car before ordering.

Racing Seat Belts / Harnass (Pair) Porsche 911 ’65-’93


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