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'72 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Recreation (SOLD)

The 911 is the best car Porsche ever built and the best 911 ever made is the Carrera 2.7 RS. This Gorgeous '72 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Recreation, is based on an original accident free and rust free '72 911E. The Restoration/ conversion project was completed in June 2009 and delivered a reincarnation that is perfect in every way and every detail. While original examples are sold in excess of 200'000 EUR, only a handful of people will be able to tell the difference with this outstanding Recreation.

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Starting point for this recreation project was an original accident free and rust free '72 Porsche 911E with clear MA title.

Before conversion work was started the car was fully dismantled, inspected and protected to prepare it for another 40 years of glory. The car is fitted with real steel RS flares with rolled edges. Steel rear bumpers, fiberglass RS front spoiler bumper and ducktail were installed. Over 24 hours were spent in getting the notoriously difficult front spoiler to fit perfectly!! The car shows perfect fit and gaps on all panels.

A professional, ground up paint job to refinish to the original Grand Prix White was completed in March 2009. Top quality epoxy primers were used to build up to a high solid Standox finish.

Wheels (16" with new tires) and roll cage are painted in the original and rare RS Mexico Blue, spectrograph matched to the original Carrera scripting. Wheels were even painted on the inside !!

New H4 lights, new rear light lenses and new Durant rear view mirrors (correct only for the '70-‘71 but some much prettier than the square '72 model) completed the picture.


A brand new fully color coded interior was installed by ourselves. We fully restored and repainted the original dashboard and finished it with new basketweave trim facings, RS radio delete option and the typical vintage Jacky Ickx steering wheel.

We even fitted an ultra rare RS specification 300 km/h speedometer. The car has Recaro lightweight racing seats with color coded 5 point racing seats belts.

We fitted original specification RS lightweight Perlon felt carpets with color coded Mexico Blue binding, RS door panels, color coded roll cage, black headliner and all-new trim.


The original 2.4 engine was rebuild by Rennsport, MA to exact 2.7 RS specification; 2687cc displacement having been achieved with a bore and stroke of 90 x 70.4mm respectively. Bored out from 84mm, this was facilitated by using nickel-silicon carbide plating for the aluminum cylinders. The original Bosch Mechanical Fuel Injection was rejetted to RS specification. The heads, ports and camshaft were reground, balanced and blueprinted to RS specification.

To ensure this RS operates reliably at all times, a new high output fan was installed together with a new alternator, new starter and new dry gel based battery.

Output is 210bhp at 6300rpm, at a compression of 8.5:1, which keeps the car very driveable. The engine can idle down smoothly to 300rpm!! With a weight of 1050kg performance is outstanding with a 0-100 km/h time of 6.0 sec. and a top speed of 240 km/h.



The car has a needle sharp rebuilt five-speed 915 gearbox, a limited-slip Quaiffe differential and a new clutch. The car is equipped with the late 60 liter RS fuel tank.

It has the large RS specification front brakes with forced induction cooling and fade-proof high resistance brake pads. This RS stands on Fuchs wheels 16"x8" (front) and 16"x9" (back) with all new tires.

Suspension has been lowered slightly with RS specification shock absorbers. Tire balancing, tracking and geometry have been done to ensure optimal road holding.  The car is an intense pleasure to drive


The car was originally delivered to Porsche of Glens Falls NY. It was sold to Drew Brow Danbury, CT in the early nineties. The car was sold to Eric Beyer, MA in 2000. During this time the engine was rebuilt and maintained regardless of cost by Porsche specialist Rennsport in MA. We purchased the car in 2007 and imported it to Belgium. We started the recreation project in spring 2008 which was completed in June 2009.

The car comes with documentation available from the previous owner and an extensive photo file of the recreation project. The car is currently registered in Belgium.


A lot of time went into building this tantamount 911RS recreation. It's possibly one of the best, most faithful RS recreations available. It evokes exactly what turned the '72-'73 911 RS into a legend. It is very fast and handles like a racing car, but is still well mannered and docile. A fantastic investment with timeless appeal that will give many years of joy both on and off the track.