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Scotchgard Car Interior Protection

Price € 22,00 (excl. tax)

Scotchguard (Scotch Guard) Protector helps to keep your freshly restored interior in pristine condition. It forms an invisible barrier and protects carpets, fabrics, leather, suede and alcantara from water, greasy stains and oil based liquids. Stains are released through gentle washing with soap and water.

As a rule of thumb, you will need one can for every 1-2 square meters to protect. Most carpet sets will therefore require 2-4 cans. A pair of seats will require 1-2 cans. A complete interior will require 5-8 cans. Please verify your order and indicate the required quantity below.

IMPORTANT: Use only on clean and dry or new surfaces. Scotchguard is not suitable for vynil, plastic or rubber parts (protect from overspray). Always test on a small inconspicuous area and allow to dry before general application. Reapply once a year to ensure protection is maintained.

This product cannot be sold outside Europe due to air freight restrictions.

Scotchgard Car Interior Protection