After an initial focus on ground up restoration, we have specialized in interior restoration in the late 90s. We are convinced specialization is the key to perfection at an acceptable cost. We apply the highest standards of contemporary craftsmanship. While we are committed to authenticity, we also make sure modern materials are used where it improves the functionality and durability of your interior, without compromising its original appearance.

The synergy between our manufacturing operations and our restoration activity not only guarantees a perfect fit of your interior. It also permits us to flexibly accommodate any need for custom adaptations and allows us to provide the best price quality interior restorations in the market. Restoring a classic car interior requires patience. The quality of a restored interior often hinges on the work that will never visible to the naked eye.

When we restore an interior, all interior support materials are inspected, repaired, aligned and repainted before trimming works starts.

Seats for instance are built from the frame up: foams are corrected, filled and reshaped to the point where the leather seat covers can be evenly tensioned without creases and without overstretching the hides.

Convertible tops are stripped down to the frame. Good functional operation of the top frame and mechanism is inspected and corrected where necessary. After repainting, the soft top is built up from tensioning materials, insulation, headliner and finally the outer canvas. Where required, we use thermoplastic characteristics of the material to ensure a perfect taut fit. All weatherstrips are inspected and replaced where necessary to make sure wind noise is kept to a minimum.

Nothing is more frustrating than a perfect interior that starts to come apart after a hot summer. The durability of your interior in large part depends on use of the correct fasteners, fittings and adhesives. To exemplify, we use 4 different kinds of glue to respond to the type materials used and the thermal exposure of the installed parts.

Whether you are looking to have a carpet set installed or need a full interior restoration, we gladly offer our advise and craftsmanship. International pick up and delivery of your pride and joy can be arranged (Benelux, France and Germany only).

We have included some pictures of interiors that where recently manufactured/ restored. This allows you to evaluate the quality of craftsmanship and fit you may expect from our interiors.