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Sunvisors (Pair) Porsche 356 '59-'65

Preis pro Einheit € 250,00 (exkl. MwSt.)

Pair of sunvisors for Porsche 356 models 1959-1965. This is a beautiful OEM specification part available for models with large windscreen (BT6 Coupe and C Coupe) and small windscreen (BT5 Coupe, BT6 Cabrio and C Cabrio). 

Due to frequent use, sun exposure and water, the cellfoam in the sunvisors has often disintegrated making the sunvisors floppy and causing them to warp. Sunvisors in this state are beyond restoration. 

Our sunvisors are probably the best you can buy for originality and fit. The tool to mould and cast the sunvisors was developed using 3-D scanning on a NOS sunvisor. Grain and gloss of the vynil surface coat have been optimised to match original. Sunvisors are equipped with mirror just like the original.

We guarantee a factory authentic appearance and fit. Sold per pair

Sunvisors (Pair) Porsche 356 '59-'65