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Complete New Dashboard Porsche 911 ’77-‘86

Preis pro Einheit € 890,00 (exkl. MwSt.)

Complete new dashboard for Porsche 911, 1977 –1986. This is NOT a dashpad or dashcover but a complete new dashboard, remanufactured to exact OEM specifications.

Due to sun exposure most ‘77-‘86 dashboards are warped around the instruments/vent areas and some even show cracks. We also find that the underlying dashboard cellfoam has often disintegrated, metal frame has deformed (usually above the clocks and around the vent areas) and dashboard mounting screws are torn/rusted out. Dashboards in this state are beyond restoration. Our new OEM specification dashboard is a must to finish your 100-point restoration.

Our complete dashboards are probably the best you can buy for originality and fit. The tool to mould and cast the dashboards was developed using 3-D scanning on a NOS dashboard. Grain and gloss of the vynil surface coat have been optimised to match the typical patina found on the door caps of ’77-’86 models. All dashboards are quality assured on a jig to correct/control mounting points. We guarantee a factory authentic appearance and fit.

Installation requires no specific tools and is within the ability of a moderately experienced home mechanic. Please note that installation of the dashboard requires removal of the windshield.

Available for LHD cars and in Black only. Please enquire for availability.

Complete New Dashboard Porsche 911 ’77-‘86