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Door Pockets (Pair) Porsche 911 / 964 ’74-‘93

Price € 340,00 (excl. tax)

Pair of door pockets for all Porsche 911 models ’74-’93 (early G models, SC, Carrera 3.2 and 964 models). Remanufactured in fibreglass to replace the factory molded cardboard pockets.

Our ready-to-install door pockets are probably the best you can buy for durability and fit. The door pockets have a fiberglass rather than cardboard substructure, which guarantees durable structural integrity and water resistance. The inside of the doorpockets are lined with velvet flocking just like the original.

The door pockets are delivered without carpeting. Door pocket carpeting is not sold seperately, but is available as part of our complete interior carpet sets. We guarantee a factory authentic appearance and fit.

Installation requires no specific tools and is within the ability of a moderately experienced home mechanic.

Door Pockets (Pair) Porsche 911 / 964 ’74-‘93


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