Application of VAT

Terms of business

Prices of our products are listed exclusive of VAT. Application of VAT depends on whether you are a professional or private buyer and the destination country of your parcel:

Professional customers

  • Professional customers in Belgium pay 21% VAT. Please provide us with your VAT number
  • Professional customers outside Belgium pay no VAT, provided you supply us with a valid VAT number

When entering your VAT number during checkout, please use the VAT identification number structure as prescribed by the EU Information Exchange System. For example:

Belgium: BE0999999999
France: FRXX 999999999
Germany: DE999999999
Luxemburg: LU88888888
Netherlands: NL999999999B22

Failure to use this format may cause the system to reject a valid VAT number. The system requires a VAT number for EU professionals only. Professionals outside the EU are requested to leave the VAT field blank.

Private customers

  • Private customers in Belgium pay 21% VAT.
  • Private customers in the rest of the EU pay their local VAT rate
  • Private customers outside the EU customs zone pay no VAT