About Us

Lakewell develops, manufactures and markets premium quality interior components for classic cars. Our handcrafted products are among the best available for originality and fit.

Our mission is to match the Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications in all our parts. We go great lengths to source the correct raw materials. We have researched original cutting, sewing, pressing and molding procedures to ensure factory authentic craftsmanship. We have a passion for efficiency and lean make-to-order manufacturing. We challenge everything we do on the direct value it adds to our products and customers. This is the foundation on which we provide the best price quality offer in the market .

Our facilities

Lakewell feels privileged to be hosted by what is arguably one of the most beautiful heritage sites in the Hesbaye region of Belgium. The Castle of Veulen (Chateau de Fologne) and more particularly the south wing is what Lakewell may call home since the end of 2023.

The Castle was carefully restored in two major campaigns from 2001 to 2009 and from 2017 to 2023. During the last campaign the south wing was also transformed to make it suitable for our manufacturing and restoration activities.

Our new workshop area is spread over 3 levels covering 1200m². It is entirely hand-built with many unusual, bespoke and creative features. Significant efforts have been made to bring historical elements in harmony with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology.

We hope this environment will inspire you as much as it inspires us. We look forward to share our passion and excitement with other classic car enthusiasts during club days, concours d’elegance, auctions and other classic car events.

For more information about events or the possibility to schedule events feel free to contact us.

Our quality

Quality is one of our core values and we strongly believe it is the only path to sustainable customer satisfaction. To achieve this we have committed ourselves to the following:

  • Strive to match Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications in all our parts
  • Provide the best value for the money in our niche
  • Understand and respond to our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Improve our lean make-to-order manufacturing to generate continuing quality and productivity improvements
  • Develop factory authentic craftsmanship and motivated craftsman with full accountability and responsibility
  • Continually improving on all of the above

Please use the navigation area on the left to find out more about the materials we use, the colors we offer and our satisfaction guarantee.

The materials we use​

Our mission is to match the Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications in our parts as close as possible. We go to great lengths to source the correct raw materials.

Where we were unable to source the OEM specification material we manufacture the raw material ourselves. Only when this is not possible we work with the best available alternative. Parts that do not meet OEM specification are identified as “functional replacement”.

We strongly recommend you request material samples from us and other manufacturers before ordering. This allows you to compare the quality, authenticity and price before ordering. We also recommend comparing the content of our Interior Restoration Kit with others.

The colors we offer​

We manufacture our interior components in the most common original colors. In the “Products” section you can browse to the list of parts available for your make and model. Each individual item will specify and usually picture the colors in which it can be ordered.

If you are not sure about your color please do not hesitate to request a sample from us. If you are looking for a color not listed in our web shop or a custom color, do not hesitate send us a mail or material sample. We have access to over 800 material references and we love a challenge.

Because we manufacture everything to order we can also make your interior with contrasting piping. This is usually not factory original, but in combination with the color of your bodywork or soft top this can be very stylish and definitely adds that touch of individuality.

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